Hartnell Famous History

  1. Norman Hartnell
    Designer to Queen Elizabeth from her childhood until his death. He designed her wedding and coronation gowns, etc.
  2. John Hartnell
    John Hartnell, of the Franklin Expedition. He's the mummified remains and the face of the expedition.
  3. William Hartnell 
    English/American Movie Actor. William Hartnell was the first Dr. Who. 
  4. Frederick Hartnell
    First Class Salon Steward not the Titanic. He didn't sink with the ship! Lived to tell his story.
  5. William Hartnell 
    Started Hartnell College in Salinas, CA. He married a wealthy land-owner's daughter and they had 19 children. 
  6. Hartnell Real Estate
    Located in England.
  7. Hartnell Facebook Page