Coloring Book

December 13, 2016

Coloring Book

Author C.A. Hartnell is excited to give kids who enjoy her award-winning books yet another creative outlet. Children who fall in love with the culture of the 1950s, the era Hartnell’s historical fiction chapter books for children are set in, can now color in scenes from the time period.

A Coloring Book for Children Based in the 1950s

Hartnell’s new coloring book for children, Cool Cats Coloring Book: The Birthday Party, features cats in 1950s-style scenes and clothing. Although called a coloring book, the book contains much more than just pages to fill in with crayons, colored pencils or markers. Cool Cats Coloring Book has:

  • A matching coloring game, where kids color in identical ice cream sodas with the same colors
  • A maze of jumbled up string, which is perfect for a cat-themed book
  • The Cool Cats in a variety of 1950s clothes
  • A fall-themed word scramble
  • Facts from October 1955

    A narrative flows throughout many of the coloring book’s pages as well.

    A Book to Complement Hartnell’s Historical Fiction Chapter Books

    This new coloring book is the perfect complement to Hartnell’s historical fiction chapter books. The images it has of jukeboxes, ice cream parlors, jackets and classic cars help provide a visual context for the world that the chapter books are set in. The fall theme is particularly well-suited to be used alongside Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes.

    Available to Order Now

    If you know a child who loves Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes who’s just getting into Hartnell’s series, or loves coloring, consider getting them a copy of Cool Cats Coloring Book: The Birthday Party. They’ll enjoy the different activities, and they’ll get to learn a little about California in 1955!


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