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Adventure Series: Childrens' Historical Fiction Books

Read short summaries of these children's historical fiction books and then order yours online today! Get the bundle for only $32, which includes free shipping or buy a single book at $8.99/each. This adventure series, written by Las Vegas children's author C.A. Hartnell, chronicles Pete and Carol Ann as they encounter polio, patriotism and more. Geared towards children eight and up and Baby Boomer, these childrens' historical fiction books are sure to entertain. Buy your set today!

SCARY SPRING: Our Polio Fright of 1955
As the ravaging affects of the poliovirus present themselves, Pete and Carol Ann work to overcome their fears and solve the scary spring-time mystery of a run-away puppy.

SINISTER SUMMER: Cars, Cruisers, and Close Calls
Surf's up for All-American kids, Pete and Carol Ann, as they survive their fast-paced, patriotic, flag-waving, yet sinister summer while searching for a mysterious fire-starter.

FEROCIOUS FALL: Our Wild Weather Escapes
Escape with Pete and Carol Ann from a dangerous dust devil and bad news bullies as they work to solve a mystery that's as wild as the ferocious fall weather.

WILD WINTER: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks
When money is missing and destruction occurs, Pete and Carol Ann discover clues during this wild winter to help them trap the crafty crooks who are stealing their Christmas joy.


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