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Children’s Chapter Books

Children's chapter books are the best! I've loved them from childhood for their excitement and adventure. Historical fiction chapter books are my favorite, so that's why I wrote four of them: Scary Spring, Sinister Summer, Ferocious Fall, and Wild Winter. History of all kinds from around the world springs to life in the pages of a great chapter book. The reader surges from chapter to chapter like a boat slicing through waves on an ocean while challenging him or her to keep going to a satisfying and thrilling end.

Middle grade chapter books prepare readers for rich lives of reading enjoyment and excitement through stories that unfold in each chapter. To follow and interact with the story's characters as they change, grow, and solve problems, they cleverly lure readers into each character's lives and times.

My Favorite Children’s Chapter Books

Some of my favorite children’s chapter books are Treasure Island, Black Beauty, Black Gold, A Wrinkle in Time, Because of Winn Dixie, and Little Women. As the reader of each of these exciting books, I hunted for treasure, escaped from pirates, encouraged Black Beauty, rode to the finish line on Black Gold's back, and traveled through time in a "wrinkle". Adventure beckoned in each page in each chapter and created in me a life-long love of reading chapter books. Check out the children’s chapter books I’ve written. You can order the complete set here.


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