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Cool Cats Coloring Book - CA Hartnell

Cool Cats Coloring Book

Cool Cats Coloring Baook-Enjoy the Cool Cat's story about a birthday party. Do Word Scrambles, Mazes, a Crossword Puzzle, Dot to Dot, coloring pages and much more.



Scary Spring - Book 1 in the Childrens Chapter Books 4 part series

Scary Spring

Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955 is book one in the four book series. Eleven-year-old Pete helps his friend, Carol Ann, to find courage and strength when frightening adventures unfold and the threat of polio becomes very personal.



Historical Fiction Chapter Book 2 in the 4 part series

Sinister Summer

Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers, and Close Calls is book two in the four book series. Eleven-year-olds, Pete and Carol Ann, help each other when the threat of bullies, crime, and close calls turn their summer vacation into one big, risky adventure.



Book 3 - Ferocious Fall

Ferocious Fall

Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes is book three in the four book series. Eleven-year-old best friends, Pete and Carol Ann, learn to make wise decisions when dealing with "bad news" billies and wild weather.



The latest installment in C.A. Hartnell's 4 part series

Wild Winter

Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks is book four and the final volume in the series. Eleven-year-old neighbors, Pete and Carol Ann, plan a Christmas pageant to raise money for needy families in their community while they gather clues in order to discover the identity of the crooks who are stealing their holiday joy.




C.A. Hartnell Bundle

Why not read the whole series? Right now, you can get all four books for just $32. Scary Spring, Sinister Summer, Ferocious Fall, and Wild Winter



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