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Realistic Fiction Books for Kids

My very special 1950s childhood was spent doing all the things I write about in my four-book series, Realistic Fiction Books for Kids called The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann. Like my main characters, Pete and Carol Ann, when I was outside, I played marbles, dodgeball, hopscotch, hide and seek, and hot potato. Playing with paper dolls kept me inside and so did reading books. As a young child I loved to look at and read Golden books with the titles; Nurse Nancy, Little Red Caboose, and Three Little Kittens. I especially liked to turn my Golden Books over to look at the story cartoon characters that bordered the edge of each book back. A puppy, funny taxi cab, smiling train, sleepy bear, and the saggy, baggy, gray elephant characters fascinated my childhood imagination. I liked looking at the back of each Golden Book almost as much as I enjoyed the colorful pictures and words contained inside.

When I started reading chapter books, I enjoyed the adventures of The Bobbsey Twins, Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys. These exciting main characters played games, traveled, had friendships, were well-mannered, curious, courageous, heroic, and solved mysteries.  All these fictional, fantasy characters became role models for me and I wanted to be just like them! They inspired me so much that I wrote four books about two All-American kids, Pete and Carol Ann, who are friendly, fun-loving, well-mannered, curious, and courageous. I like to think that my characters are modeled after some of these heroes and mystery-solvers from my childhood adventures into reading. Special, endearing, and exciting books shaped me into the person I am today. Take a blast to the past and enjoy the adventures of Pete and Carol Ann in my four chapter books: Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955, Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers and Close Calls, Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes, and Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks which were written from fond memories of my childhood as a curious, young girl who loved reading books.

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