Opportunity Village Oakey Campus

Here are some photos taken in September from Opportunity Village Oakey Campus when the Creative Abundance ladies from Ohio did a week long workshop there. Susan and Patty did an In-Service day for the OV staff, then 3 days of workshops with the OVIPs. I had mentioned to Susan and Patty there was a play written for my children’s chapter book, Scary Spring, about the characters in the book. The ladies decided to make giant puppet creations in their workshops modeled after those characters: Pete, the 11-year-old main character, a chicken, a chicken car, mean old Mr. Chester, and a Punk Rock Teenager. On the final day of the workshops, while I read an excerpt from Scary Spring, the OVIPs did an amazing Puppet Parade then danced to some fab Fifties music. Such a magical day at Opportunity Village.