April 10,2014 Happy Easter

Dear friends and readers, Happy Easter from me, Pete, Carol Ann, and all the other characters in my book, Scary Spring. Chapter 7, entitled Easter, is all about celebrating Easter in the 1950s. From attending the local church, hearing the resurrection story of Jesus, taking pictures, hunting for hidden eggs, digging in candy-filled Easter baskets, to piling delicious food onto plates, the special day is one of fun, friendship, and fabulous food! Carol Ann learned the the Royal Law in the Bible is to love one another! So on this Easter Day, of April 20, 2014, have a love-filled and extraordinary Easter!

April 1—April Fools Day

Hello friends, and Happy April Fools Day! In my book, Scary Spring: Our 1950s Polio Fright, the very first pages are about April Fools Day in 1955. My two main characters, Pete and Carol Ann, tease each other about getting a polio vaccine. Neither kid wants one! And kids nowadays don’t want a scary shot of vaccine either! That entire first chapter in Scary Spring not only introduces my characters but starts the narrative about the disease of polio, the vaccine that can stop it, and the courage my characters will need throughout the story. Please enjoy this April Fools day of 2014 and watch out for tricksters!