C.A. Hartnell Selling Her Historical Fiction for Children at the 2nd Annual Wild West Cross Country 5K Challenge

Hooray for a special day and place! Race, walk, and watch at Bonnie Springs Ranch, north of Las Vegas, Nevada, the setting for the 2nd Annual Wild West Cross Country 5K Challenge on Saturday, March 29, 2014. All proceeds support the Nevada Diabetes Association’s Camp Vegas which provides a week of activities for kids 7 to 17. Cheering from the sidelines will be Las Vegas children’s author, C.A. Hartnell, selling her historical fiction for children at the event.

Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955, Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers, and Close Calls, Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes, and Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks are the terrific titles of Hartnell’s chapter book series. Her 11 year-old main characters, Pete and Carol Ann, race around their El Monte neighborhood solving mysteries and helping each other like modern-day kids. The characters would have loved a race to raise money that helps kids have fun at a cool camp. In Sinister Summer, Pete planned to attend Gold Arrow Camp where he could swim, play, and hunt for ancient arrowheads.

Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955 places Pete and Carol Ann in a scary story dealing with polio and the polio vaccine. Though diabetes and polio are different diseases, Pete and Carol Ann would want to help kids with diabetes. In the book series, Pete and Carol Ann talk about a different kind of racing. They race to school and watch hot rod races. This 5K is a chance to help through racing! Author C.A. Hartnell is thrilled to support the Nevada Diabetes Association’s Camp Vegas through Bronze and water sponsorships. Join her and watch the 2nd Annual Wild West Cross Country 5K Challenge race at beautiful Bonnie Springs Ranch.

March 2014

Marvelous March greetings to all my friends. St. Patricks Day on March 17th is mid month. Do you know that St. Patrick was a real person? He lived about 387 to 463 A.D. and had a life filled with adventures! In 432 he became a Christian missionary to Ireland. Saint Patricks feast day is a worldwide celebration on March 17th. The information I just shared with you came from an encyclopedia published in 1954. It’s the same information that my characters, Pete, Carol Ann, and their friends, would have read about St. Patricks Day from an encyclopedia in their fabulous Fifties world. March is also the month that welcomes the beginning of Spring. May lucky shamrocks and flowers fill your marvelous March days.