Realistic Fiction Books for Kids

My very special 1950s childhood was spent doing all the things I write about in my four-book series, Realistic Fiction Books for Kids called The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann. Like my main characters, Pete and Carol Ann, when I was outside, I played marbles, dodgeball, hopscotch, hide and seek, and hot potato. Playing with paper dolls kept me inside and so did reading books. As a young child I loved to look at and read Golden books with the titles; Nurse Nancy, Little Red Caboose, and Three Little Kittens. I especially liked to turn my Golden Books over to look at the story cartoon characters that bordered the edge of each book back. A puppy, funny taxi cab, smiling train, sleepy bear, and the saggy, baggy, gray elephant characters fascinated my childhood imagination. I liked looking at the back of each Golden Book almost as much as I enjoyed the colorful pictures and words contained inside.

When I started reading chapter books, I enjoyed the adventures of The Bobbsey Twins, Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys. These exciting main characters played games, traveled, had friendships, were well-mannered, curious, courageous, heroic, and solved mysteries.  All these fictional, fantasy characters became role models for me and I wanted to be just like them! They inspired me so much that I wrote four books about two All-American kids, Pete and Carol Ann, who are friendly, fun-loving, well-mannered, curious, and courageous. I like to think that my characters are modeled after some of these heroes and mystery-solvers from my childhood adventures into reading. Special, endearing, and exciting books shaped me into the person I am today. Take a blast to the past and enjoy the adventures of Pete and Carol Ann in my four chapter books: Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955, Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers and Close Calls, Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes, and Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks which were written from fond memories of my childhood as a curious, young girl who loved reading books.

Fabulous February 2014

Happy February friends! As Valentine’s Day approaches, make sure to remember all your loved ones with a loving thought and a card or gift. To “love one another” is the best thing we can do year round. The characters in my book series about the 1950s, Pete and Carol Ann, have sweet and loving attitudes for family and friends. Happy Valentine’s Day!